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Surfboard Maintenance Tips

With the growth of the internet, it has become very easy when ordering surfing products and buying surfboards of all types online; online stores has become an acceptable way to shop and purchase a new board you want. However, having a new surfboard will cost you some cash. So, it is very important for you […]

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In the surfing world, the name of Taylor Knox is already considered as an icon; he has built his reputation as one of the top surfers of his age. While he has become one of the most popular surfers these days, his journey to his success has never been easy. Taylor Knox began surfing at […]

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Repairing Surfboard Dings

While surfing or transporting your surfboard, it will be inevitable that it will get a ding or several dings. With these dings, it is very important to fix them immediately as it may result further damages. When you found out that your surfboard has dings, you can normally fix them through local surf shops that […]

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South African ‘Learn 2 Surf’ website launches

For many people who do have not yet experienced playing with gigantic ocean waves using their surfing boards, surfing may seem to be a boring hobby; nothing to get but danger. On the other hand, if you already experienced doing great stuffs and feeling the excitement of the beach, surfing is definitely a lot of […]

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How to Become a Great Surfer – Workouts and Trainings

How can you explain surfing? Why are there so many people indulged with surfing despite the danger that it can possibly bring? For surfing enthusiasts, surfing is an art. It is about the different elements that bring joy to each individual in the water; it’s about feeling the freedom and happiness. Surfing is more than […]

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Before they surf, every surfer needs to follow some rules and make sure that they are not chasing around the locker rooms myths that your people usually talk about. It is very important to be logical as the ocean will not give you second chance. Relative to this, sharks are one of the biggest dangers […]

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New: Modern & Simple Surf Reports for Australia by SwellCast – including Gold Coast and Sydney Forecasts

Looking for a modern, simple and easy to read surf report website? Well… you might be pleased to hear that we’ve just stumbled upon a new surf and wind forecast site named SwellCast. The site has been developed by a web developer in Perth who is a keen surfer himself and just could not stand […]

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