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Written By: Marc - Sep• 04•13

Before they surf, every surfer needs to follow some rules and make sure that they are not chasing around the locker rooms myths that your people usually talk about. It is very important to be logical as the ocean will not give you second chance.

Relative to this, sharks are one of the biggest dangers to surfers especially thought Australia and many different parts of the world; surfers are constantly hounded by shark attacks that cause them harm and scare them away.  Sharks are the predators of the ocean; there is no doubt about that fact. The ocean is their home and we can be in danger if we will not do some precautionary measures.

In fact, Jeff Mull posted an article at surfermag.com which reports series of shark attacks in the areas of Hawaii. The article features a 16-year old male surfer who was attacked by a shark on the Big Island.

You can read the article here: http://www.surfermag.com/features/summer-of-the-shark


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